Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nothing to Do with Feminism

Fat Activism has nothing to do with feminism. Nothing at all. The modern fat health hysteria is completely gender blind. That's why someone put time, money and staff into searching out a correlation between breast size and diabetes. It's also why the careful wording of the scare-tactic headlines are sure to specify bra size as the pertinent risk factor so that men can be sure they're not the ones at risk. Yup, obviously not a feminist issue.


On top of the obvious scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to be afraid of, this series definitely gets a CDNEC.


withoutscene said...

CDNEC award ftw! Talk about a useful award. I can think of many people I would like to give this to.

JoGeek said...

Go for it, it's the prize that keeps on giving :-)

thewell said...

This is taking it too far!

How could anyone say there is something wrong with (natural and not horribly painful)large breasts!