Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Break From Hiatus and a Brief Plug

It's been a while since I posted here.  Between full time school and submitting articles to Yahoo Contributor Network, I seem to have little creativity left for blogging. 

But I did want to pop in and start the ball rolling again with an announcement!  Dr. Lonie McMichael has put out a new book on fat prejudice.  It contains the voices of many fabulous FA bloggers, including a piece I wrote on being a thin ally in Fat Acceptance.  My piece is based on a five-part post on the subject which begins here.

 Along with the diverse voices of fat people themselves, Dr. Michael uses her extensive research to explore Fat Acceptance and fat prejudice in our society as an issue of social justice. 

The book is "Acceptable Prejudice? Fat, Rhetoric & Social Justice"  by Dr. Lonie McMichael.

More information is available from the publisher, Pearlsong Press.  

The book is available from in print and Kindle formats, and from Barnes and Noble.