Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fluff: Murder at the Four Deuces

Since I'm still technically offline, I'm not keeping up as well with fatosphere or news feeds, so now that I've caught a few minutes at a computer, It's filler-time :-) Ten days late, but the pictures of our New Year's Eve party are up. We did a murder-mystery party where everyone had roles in a prohibition-era brothel and speakeasy in Chicago. I was "Madam Meme", wife of the Don and co-proprietor of the fine, upstanding establishment. Girls upstairs, gambling downstairs. Everyone had a blast and went to the line with their costumes. The lovely Tante' sent me a box of great sequined and beaded dresses that we put to good use, and I won best costume in one of them. Unfortunately I was taking more pictures than I was in, but I'm modeling for a photo shoot with Breanna at Beautifully Chaotic Studios on Saturday so I think I'll put it all on again and get some better shots with her pretty new camera :-)

In the meantime, Pictures!

A few more pictures are on my Photobucket
Not everything's loaded, of course, but like I said...offline. It's like having half my brain disconnected.

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