Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Congratulations FA Bloggers!

I know everybody's already talking about it, but I have to add my seriously cheerleader-type screech of excitement over the totally fat-positive article on FA bloggers in the New York Times today! Shapely Prose, Big Fat Deal, The Rotund, Feed Me, Fat-Fu, Red No. 3, and The F-Word are all mentioned and/or quoted. Good studies are referenced on why fat isn't necessarily bad for you, and the writers give fantastic positive snippets, such as:

"Smart, sassy and irreverent, bloggers with names like Big Fat Deal, FatChicksRule and Fatgrrl (“Now with 50 percent more fat!”) buck anti-obesity sentiment. They celebrate their full figures and call on readers to accept their bodies, quit dieting and get on with life."

The article headlines on the website as the main story in the health section (with the great shock-graphic of the cute little girl mouwing on chocolate cake from The F-Word's banner). While I'm sure they're worried about attracting new and dis-improved douchehounds, I'd also guess they'll get some new folks wanting to join the fight for body acceptance.

Congrats to all the interviewees for doing a great job in representing us!

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Rachel said...

Haha, I do love that graphic of the girl eating cake. Just think: That ad appeared in the 1950s. You would never see an image like that today, especially with the thunderous clamour over childhood obesity. In just under 60 years, we've made quite the evolution, but sadly, it can't be called progress.