Friday, January 25, 2008

FA on Fox!?

Does that mean Hell really has frozen over?

(This morning's temperature in Hell, Michigan was -2 degrees fahrenheit, with expected highs of 22 degrees. )


Rachel from The F-Word has been invited to appear on Fox’s "Morning Show with Mike and Juliet" this upcoming Monday, to follow-up on the NYT article on Fat Bloggers.

You can see where the show will broadcast in the U.S. at this site. Here in Michigan it's at 9am on the Detroit station, so I really hope someone captures it for YouTube!

It's mixed news, however as they're also inviting fat-hater Meme Roth, who's loathing for her own fat relatives has turned her into a crusader against fat in any form, at any age. She's the rabid idjit behind the fight to make Santa Claus skinny, believes that a healthy woman should be able to fit into her wedding dress for the rest of her life, and threw herself into the public cross-hairs by announcing that Jordin Sparks was "too fat" to deserve to be an American Idol. She was quoted as saying "When I look at Jordin Sparks, I see diabetes". She's an "image consultant" in New York, which makes me wonder how she can possibly be touted as an "obesity expert" by Fox. That's basically like saying a clothing designer is an "obesity expert" because they might sew fabric to cover fat bodies.

Hopefully, Rachel will be able to counter her vitriol and make people see her for the ignorant hate-mongerer she really is.

Give 'em hell!

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Breanna said...

People like that piss me off so bad. That meme chic needs a good dose of karma. Jordan Sparks ins so beautiful.. ugh..