Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My first photo-shoot

I'm very geeked, the pics from the photo shoot with my friend Breanna came back. It's my first experience modeling for a real photographer who will actually use the pieces in her art.

This one's my favorite, and is definitely my new profile shot:

I'm told that if the subject actually likes 1 in 10 pics from a photo shoot then its a resounding success. That makes this session much better than average. What kills me is that a year ago I would have begged her to delete this because it didn't hide every curve and find that perfect angle that made me look like Angelina Jolie. Is there even such an angle? Who cares? I look damn good in trickster colors. :-)

The best part of posing for her is that she has a great eye for color, and she's a fellow fattie so she knows when I'll be unhappy with a particular shot.
I can't wait for summer so we can do some outdoor sessions.


Cassandra said...

Holy crapshit that person is a douche.

You have the most amazing hair and skin I've seen in a good long while. It's very uplifting to see such beautiful art. Maybe see about a guest submission to Adipositivity?

Having the confidence to do this is great for yourself, but it also helps other people with their confidence.

Thank you for sharing this!

JoGeek said...

(Douchehound comment from poor self-loathing hater deleted)

Holly said...

Looks great - the shot you're using in the profile is awesome! Your confidence is very obvious in the photos. Wish I was as far along with the body acceptance, but Cassandra is right - it helps all of us who aren't there yet.

Anonymous said...

wonderful! Your confidence is appreciated by all the big women at You take a good example on how to take photo confidently

Breanna said...

You looked Damn hot in a lot of them pictures. Even the ones you didn't like. And I'm very honored that you linked to my art site. That's very nice of you! I have to do some more edit on that photo yet. I want to put you on a different background. If I'm feeling up to it after my appointment today. I'll work on that for you so you can put it up with a better background. And I wanted to say thanks for the help. You where a good model and I need all the practice I can get..
You go hotty!!!