Friday, January 25, 2008

(More) Reactions to the NYT article on Fat Blogs

I've been trying to keep up with the slow trickle of news picking up on the awesome New york Times article on Fat Bloggers. The first batch can be found in my summary Here.


A lot of the news spread pretty much regurgitates the NYT article word-for-word, such as the National Ledger article from yesterday, and the Tacoma, Washington's News-Tribune article today. They're presenting the issue at face value without tacking on any YOUGONNADIE opinions, which makes them pretty positive!


While not a lot of news agencies are picking up on this, it's all the buzz in blogs, mostly critical. Google search "fatosphere" for a sample, if you're really masochistic. Also be prepared for an increase in douchhoundery and more fatosphere blogs with the comments moderated.


Watch out for those Sanity Watcher Points...Good old D. Savage was on the NYT article like the family dog on leftover chicken in the trash. I won't be linking to it, but at least some of his commenters are starting to express impatience with the recurring theme (read: vendetta).

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