Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Outfit Help?

Ok Fatshonistas and college folks......

JD has an induction ceremony to Phi Kappa Phi next month. It's a prestigious honors fraternity. I'm going with him to the ceremony.

soo.....What the heck do I wear!?

I tried looking for photos of past ceremonies at WMU so that I could gauge the dress code, but no luck. Honestly, you'd think an honors fraternity would have a better website considering the membership.

Most of the Phi Kappa Phi induction ceremonies at other university that I could find on Youtube and google images show a mix of semi-dress typical of college students (shirt and tie without jacket, light dresses or slacks) but some are very jeans and tee shirt events.

Compounding this is that both JD and I will be at least ten years older than most of the students there, which means the 20-something forgiveness gap for appropriately dressy clothing is no longer present.

I don't own slacks because I haven't met the slack that fit me correctly. Otherwise I'd go for pinstripes and a sweater.

Soo...pencil skirt and heels? light dress with cardigan? Little black dress with hair up?

Any ideas?


Alix said...

Personally, I'd go with whatever makes you feel sexiest. Go ahead. Cause a stir. Little black dress it, sistah.

alice said...

If you're looking to blend in, I'd go for things on the casual side of wedding attire - LBD with hair up would be on the fancier end of that spectrum, but if it's what you want, go for it!

And if your concern is not feeling out of place, always remember that everyone *else* is in the 20-something forgiveness zone - they're not likely to be getting their judge on when it comes to what you're wearing.

(Maybe if you showed up in a giant bumblebee costume, but I happen to think that'd be hilarous, so their judgment should then be 'bumblebee girl is AWESOME.)

Heather said...

I wish I could remember what I wore to my Phi Kappa Phi induction but it was 15 years ago and many brain cells leached out through a placenta since, not to mention the cocktails.

I'd say anything from business to church attire would fit in fine. Also, I love Gap's curvy line of pants. They're made for women who don't resemble 13 year old boys.

jaed said...

Is this a day or evening event? Also, what part of the country?

If it's daytime I'd be tempted to go with pencil skirt and cute little blazer - sort of business-lite with a side order of chic.

If it's evening (or even if it's daytime, really), I don't think you can go wrong with a LBD and an updo. (And red lipstick.)

Anonymous said...

Dress utterly fabulously and let them bask in the glow of your fabulousness!

But seriously, it's hard to go wrong in a classy pencil skirt and a blazer with an up-do.