Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early Fluff: Halloween

I'm avoiding posting anything especially controversial today because I made the grave error of letting our IT department at work touch my computer yesterday. Since their only solution to any error they can't fix is to re-image the machine, I've no idea if I'll have a working computer today :-)

Anyway, I thought I'd share pics of my Halloween costume from the party this last weekend. The party theme was "Gods, Goddesses, and mythological creatures in their modern day jobs". The idea was that in this economy, even Zeus needs to bus a few tables to make ends meet. I'll tell you though, the bar for good costumes at this particular annual party is getting REALLY high. We had death as a life insurance salesman, Medusa as a hairdresser, Anubis as a funeral home director, Maman Brigette and Baron Samedi as a team of hired killers (Ghede, Inc.), Odin as a pimp, Aphrodite as a sex therapist, Dionysous as a rum runner (and anotherDionysous as an AA counselor), and so on for 50 odd (and I mean odd) guests. JD managed to get there just in time to sweep the best costume category. He went as Satan as a TV evangalist and did a fantastic "brothers and sisters! I fell into this ministry by the powers of grace..." testimonial for about 5 minutes to win. He even carried around a copy of Rushdie's Satanic Verses all night instead of a bible. It was awesome :-)

I went as Lilith, as an abortion clinic doctor. It's a bit theologically obscure, but enough people there knew the reference to make it a hit. Of course I hammed it up and carried around a coat hanger and a condom wrapper with a hole in it ("try our new line of condoms with a convenient view panel!"). I wore buttons that said "Ask about our Frequent Fucker Plan!" and "We will not submit to competition!" (another obscure reference).

The witch's Brew was something fierce. Pretty much a trash can mix with pure liquor, kool-aid mix and fruit chunks. Since I haven't been drunk since somewhere around the fourth of July, it really kicked my ass. But description doesn't cover it. Here's the "Before Brew" shot of me in my costume:

And here's "After Brew" (that's JD next to me):


I could plead that it was 80 freakin degrees in that house with so many people packed in, but really I think I was just shnockered :-) It was much more comfortable out at the bonfire.


CTJen said...

I love the tie skirt! It looks fab on you! :-)

Alix said...

OMG, you're smart AND gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...the coat hanger did it for me... Oh that's just awesome and brilliant. Bravo!