Friday, January 15, 2010

On Resolutions, Reading Lists and Grapefruit

I've been thinking about the structure of this experiment in happiness-seeking.  I'm a planner, not a doer (as evidenced by the massive amounts of unused fabric and home renovation supplies in the house) so I have to be careful before throwing out complicated structure and resolutions that I won't stick to.  I also hate structure in general, and usually end up resenting new routines or habits I try to establish.  So.....

What I want to include in the project:

Inspirational Quotes
Resolutions to improve happiness in areas of Health, Organization, Relationships and Self
Lists of books and links to pursue later or often
Rules for my own personal happiness, distilled from whatever lessons I've been learning.

I want to try to post at least every weekday (I'm often away from the computer on weekends) but I definitely do not want to try and include every element above in every post.  I work better freestyle.  If I tried to scrounge up a "book to read" every day, the list would be completely useless and disengenious.  I'd be adding stuff just to add something, not because it caught my attention at random and made me think, "Hey, I should see if the library has that..."

Some of the lists will be consolidated into one page and updated frequently (lists of books, links, quotes, etc.)  As each of these areas contain content they'll be accessible via a link in the sidebar under "Happiness Tools" or the "topic list" that is automatically generated from post labels. 

I'm sure a better structure will emerge as I go on, but it will be a result of my habits rather than imposed.  Somehow that works better for me in almost every endeavor.

(I've been craving Grapefruit lately.  That's very weird for me because I always hated the stuff.  I wonder if I can make that my first experiment/resolution!)

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