Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fat Positive Images: The Adipositivity Project

This series of posts is my attempt to collect a lot of links where you (and I) can find positive portrayals of fat people in media and life. 

Today I want  to feature the Adipositivity Project  (warning; photos are generally not safe for work).  This is a project by artist and photographer Substantia Jones. who seeks to expand the cultural perceptions and definitions of beauty to include the fat body.  Most photos focus on just a glimpse; a breast, a back, an arm.  It took me a while to really appreciate this project, because it's more straightforward, in a way, than I was comfortable with at first.  Normally a photograph of a fat woman attempts to "hide" certain body parts and emphasize what is conventionally beautiful (eyes, hair, breasts).  It attempts to normalize her.  The adipositivity project takes the parts we're most interested in hiding and displays them as beautiful, right alongside the conventionally beautiful.  A single fat roll.  A thigh.  A belly. 

I highly recommend the site because it challenges our own body preconceptions. 

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