Friday, January 22, 2010

Happiness is Sand and the Fugs

So I found a fantastic new time sink that I can't use at work.  It's called "This is Sand"  It basically turns your screen into sand art.  Click on the little grey box in the upper left corner to get started.  I made this:

And This:

So I shared the site with JD this morning.  He played with it for a couple of minutes, then his only response was "Their algorithm is wrong."

Sometimes I honestly think that being able to see the underlying function and structure of some things kills his ability to appreciate them :-)  Then again he might have just been winding me up.  I remember when we first met, I told him a joke: 

"Decartes walks into a bar and orders a beer.  When he's finished, the bartender asks if he'd like another.  Decartes considers it, says, 'I think not,' and disappears."

His reaction?  "Actually, Decartes was really more of a wine drinker."

To this day I can't tell if he was serious, or engaging in the straight-faced leg pull that I occasionally catch him in.

But I cannot disparage his abilities after last night because out of nowhere he came out and presented me with The Fugs First Album, in all its subversive protopunk deliciousness :-)  Such a simple thing, but so happy-making!

Added Websites:

Added Books:

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion, By George J. Thompson, Jerry B. Jenkins

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