Friday, February 5, 2010

Fat Positive Images: The Full Body Project

 (#59, Full Body Project, Leonard Nimoy Photography)

Leonard Nimoy's  The Full Body Project is a fantastic collection of fat women (mainly nudes, but I did find one relatively work-safe example to include!  Link is NSFW)  Whatever his motivation or reaction to the media criticism of this project, the photos of the women involved are every bit as strong, confident, joyful and gorgeous as their real selves. My favorite is of the women dancing in a circle (3rd row on first page of the website).  They're just having so much fun it makes me want to be there with them, in all their unapologetically naked, fat glory. 


Miku said...

I love all the outfits, but I adore the woman on the far left. She's so unapologetic about those awesome thighs.

Sonja Newcombe said...

They've all got so much confidence in themselves! It's wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

I like the outfit with the hat even though I am not a hat person.

I heard Nimoy discussing his project on NPR and it was interesting. He has taken his art and his life in many different directions.