Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fat Calf Boots FTW!

So I've often lamented the lack of boots that will go around my massive, Irish-peasant style 22" calves.  It's worse because all the fun outfits I'm coming up with (harlequin wrap dress, belt skirt, kimono dress, etc.) really require the knee high boots to complete the image in my head. I've even had a pair of custom-made boots on my radar somewhere in priority between a new bathtub and kitchen flooring.  Meaning next year.  Maybe.  If they don't give us more furlough days at work or cut my pay.

Yesterday I walked into Payless, of all places, and there was a pair of faux-leather high-heel knee-high boots by Predictions.  The size 11 wide-width came with an extended calf size (i.e. an elastic gore in the back) and actually fully (if barely) zipped all the way up!

Sure the pleather and generally cheap construction means these are temporary...but they were also on clearance for $14. 


I checked the Payless website and they're not listed, but if you have a local Payless you could call and ask if they have any in stock (Predictions high-heel knee high black pleather, Extended calf size) or just stop by.  I plan to clear out the local stores here so that I have backup pair when they wear out. 


Jillian said...

Have you tried checking out the woman within catalog, you can access it online and they always have boots.

Intransigentia said...

So glad you found a pair of boots that work for you! If you decide you want to invest in a really nice pair that will last you, I'd recommend - their super-wide is 21" in the larger foot sizes, and most have elastic that will give you a bit more room.

Diana said...

Payless had them???? WOW! I have 21 inch calves and have had the same trouble. I did recently find Avenue's size 13 wide wides work - I just have to wear socks. And amazingly, the Jessica London browns in 12 also fit although the catalog said they only went up to 20 inches. I hope to get vids out with them on, but wanted to share. Yay for the boot expansions out there!

Pics soon I hope?

Stiletto Siren said...

Woot! Thanks for the tip just called my local payless and asked if the had any in an 8 1/2 and they do for $20 clearance, you have made my day!

Moe said...

OMG! For that price you better get a back up pair. If they are really comfy maybe two.

Anonymous said...

that my friend, is called a shoe miracle...a bit of shoe mecca if you will. :) glad you found a pair, and i think that Roamans Catalog (its for plus size women) has boots too, or at least they used to. i am not sure what kind of heel you are looking for, but you may want to check them out. :)