Wednesday, July 29, 2009


THIS.... says it better than I ever could.

"I’ve been trained to view beauty as a rule that excludes me, a weapon
that anyone could use against me: we all have. But when we try to think
generously about beauty, to look for it with pleasure instead of with envy, it
only expands. Beauty is not a finite quantity. It has room for you. It has room
even for me." -
Sweet Machine

You should read the whole post, though. It's amazing, perfect, and heart-aching. I'm only bothering to cross-post it because I have a few friends that don't read other fatosphere blogs, but really, truly need to read this. Don't read it anywhere it's inappropriate to cry.

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Alix said...

One hundred percent accurate! Wouldn't this world be a truly exceptional place if everyone had the same kind of intelligence and sensitivity?

{Standing ovation}