Friday, July 31, 2009

Fat Health Care Manifesto

Blaming fat people for the rising cost of health care is the moral equivelent of punching someone in the face, then suing them for the cost of dry cleaning when they happen to bleed on you.

Aside from all the malarky about blaming adipose tissue for everything from genetic disorders to hangnails, most of the rising cost is attributed to “treatment” of “obesity”.

And I say No.

I am putting my foot down.

I will NOT accept blame for the cost of eradicating me.

I will not accept blame for the side effects of ineffective drugs, crippling elective and uneccesary surgery, institutionalized shame and disordered eating that is forced upon me in the hopes of making me disappear.

I refuse to own the discomfort my body causes others.

I will not admit fault in this, this cultural purge of the two-thirds otherness that reminds them of the futility of their quest for immortality through better pharmaceuticals.

I refuse this particular bill. I plead not guilty, and reverse the charges. I am not to blame for their desire to make everyone look, act, eat and sicken alike.

Want to cut the cost of health care?

Give me back my body.

Let me live without your shame.

I promise you that the world will not end as a result. I promise that letting fat people be fat will NOT end in the conspicuous consumptive horror of Wall-E. I promise that once we accept that everyone will eventually sicken and die, we can free up immense resources for making everyone’s finite life more healthy and enjoyable.

And to those who believe that I should be responsible for paying their sick jollies in torturing the minds and bodies of generations with the fantasy carrot and starvation stick,

I say

Fuck You.


spoonfork38 said...

Right. Fucking. On.

Teri said...

Thank you!

Caitlin said...

I can't express how much I love this.

Meowser said...

I loved the opening paragraph to pieces when you first posted it on SP, and I'm so glad you turned it into a blog post. This is brilliant.

Carmen said...

Dear Unapologetically Fat:

I like you and have been watching your blog for a while. I consider it insightful and intelligent. I enjoy reading your personal perspectives, but think you are a little duplicitous. Certainly, you have the right to be militant about embracing your size and empowering others to embrace theirs, but in your zeal (defensiveness?) you seemingly ostracize all others. In my observation, you hold the position that if a person is not fat or secure in their fat, then they need to shut the hell up.

I think that is definitely a prejudice of a different nature. Why is it okay to be accepting of only yourself and others who tilt the scales and not those who think it's responsible to salvage their health by reducing? Not all heavy people are healthy, by the way. Does that mean that everyone who does not align their perspectives with your fat acceptance is evil? Just askin'.

PS: I fully expect you to either 1) delete this comment or 2) throw rotten verbal eggs at it.

Anonymous said...

@ Carmen

Um...I don't think this post has anything to do with telling thin people or dieters to "shut the hell up."

The folks who ought to shut are are those who seek to shame and coerce fatties into harmful and ineffective "obesity treatments".

I'm sure there are individuals who can safely, sanely reduce their weight, and who find some benefit and doing so. Good for them! But they are not me, and they shouldn't be held up as a standard for me to live up to.

TanteTerri said...

Thank you Jo - You'll never know how much I needed this to day.

Carmen - Jo is inclusive. She is open to anyone, providing they respect her right to be who she is.

Also, some fat folk are unhealthy, some average size people are unhealthy, some thin people are unhelathy. Just as some fat, average and thin sized people are healthy. The point is being fat does not automatically make you unhealthy, just as not being fat doesn't automatically mean you are healthy.

To paraphrase Marilyn Wann - All you can tell by looking at my fat body are your own prejudices (or lack thereof) about fat people.

JoGeek said...

Carmen: In order to fully address your comment, I'm making it a post of its own.

may said...


i love you.