Thursday, May 28, 2009

A summer of clothes

So every now and then a co-worker will have something delivered to the office instead of their house for various reasons, and of course the address is immediately flogged to every retailer with a catalog. I save them up to flip through on my breaks and holy crap, can we say ugly clothes this summer?

A lot of stuff is made deliberately to look awkwardly homemade (i.e. the hippy look). I figure if they want to charge me $60 for a dress that looks like it was made from leftover quilting cotton, I might as well buy the fabric and make it myself. At least then I know it’ll fit I suppose it’s a perk since it means my homemade clothes might pass for store-bought.

Also, I know it’s a heartbreak for you short-waisted folks, but I’m ecstatic to see more tunics creeping in through the ubiquitous empire waists and babydolls. “But empire waists look good on everyone!” you cry? Well, no. Some of us are mostly torso and belly, so an empire waist makes me look like an overbalanced 9-month pregnant mushroom. Regular length shirts meant to hem at the hips look like belly shirts on me. I need tunics!

Anyway, despite the horror that is the clothing catalogs, I’ve found a few things I’m geeked about.

This Polka-dot surplice swing dress from Torrid is screaming my name. Can’t you hear it? It calls to me....

This short sleeve wrap blouse from Kiyonna is very much mine someday.

I love the return of halter tops...I have the shoulders for it, now I need the halter-strap bras.

Speaking of Bras, Fruit of the Loom is finally making inexpensive sports bras up to size 44 in a 3 pack for around $10. I bought them to take camping/hiking and they're marvelously comfortable. I don't think they'd fit very well for anyone over a D cup, but as a C (sometimes D) I can attest that they don't give me the "Uniboob" look most sports bras manage.

Beyond that I’m stuck with patterns, really. I’ve got boatloads of fabric in the attic waiting for something to be done. Basic gored and pleated skirts are a snap to put together so that might be my wardrobe focus for the summer. I’ve got a few good patterns for cute dresses and wrap-tops sitting around collecting dust. I think I’ll just take control of my look right out of the hands of retailers this year and especially out of the hands of retailers who think every fat woman needs to wear knit-look tents and shapeless drab, or layers of tacky ruffles in odd places and giant fabric flowers. (ahem..Roamans...ahem)...


Regina said...

I hear you.
I've been feeling downright spoiled with clothing choices for the last couple of years. But I can definitely see the fashion pendulum swinging back in a direction that I just don't want to follow. But now that I'm used to wearing clothes I like, I just can't face "making do" with crap until the hemlines come back up and the tentwear goes the way of the dodo. The sudden outpouring of ugly cuts in back-to-the-80's colors has sent me running for a sewing class immediamente.

Tante Terri - The Belly of the Ball said...

Torrid has some great stuff, but not big enough for me. Oh well. I too have lots of good basic patterns that are sitting there wondering why I ever bought them. Of course, the paper patterns are made with are apparently full of catnip because I have yet to meet a cat who resist tearing up the stuff!

Sexy Witch said...


"So an empire waist makes me look like an overbalanced 9-month pregnant mushroom."

I totally agree. I HATE empire waists, it seems like that's all plus size stores carry these days. I am so glad that tunics are coming back!

Dinaya said...

Grumble about the long shirt.. ugh hate them. And Hey. I'm your best friend and I'm a hippy. don't talk about me like that. LOL

Cloths this year are hideous they make me throw up a little when I go in the store.