Monday, April 14, 2008

OT: The Plague

The gap in recent posts is due to my having contracted the plague and died.

Ok, so I'm only mostly dead, and the plague is really the flu that's made the rounds of my office only to land squarely upon my head in time for the weekend. Other then a few forays out into the wilds for Nyquil and fruit juice I've been pretty much stuck inside since Friday. The good news is that I finally read the collected works of Willa Cather that I've been meaning to get to since last Christmas, and finished "The Count of Monte Cristo." The bad news is that the only book I have left unread in the house is something I picked up at a yard sale because it was only 10 cents and mentioned the Magna Charter on the dustcover. I started to read it this morning, but the author used both "scurvy knave" and "dastardly cur" in cold blood within a paragraph of each other. I threw it rather violently across the room and took more Nyquil. Maybe I'll pull out Ayn Rand later...I'm already bitter and cranky so it can't do me any further harm.


So in lieu of something more profound or activist-oriented....I'll just refer you to Ottermatic and her video of cute baby otters doing cute baby otter things. It's like Theraflu for the soul.

Also? Sneezing Panda. This never stops being funny, even after a year.


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, as Ottermatic has been posting sporadically due to contracting a case of the creeping crud (I refuse to acknowledge any flu-like symptoms) and feeling like a sloppy plate of hot death for the last two weeks. One symptom of which is apparently referring to herself in the third person...

I hope you feel better! And before you read the Ayn Rand. *shudder*

AnnieMcPhee said...

I'm so sorry to hear that - flu is horrid. Hope you're feeling much better very soon!

JoGeek said...

"like a sloppy plate of hot death..."

Brilliant that....I'll be stealing it to supplant my usual "reheated leftover death" and "lukewarm day-old death" descriptors. Thanks for the otters :-)

Charlotte said...

When I read "mostly dead", my thoughts immediately went to Monty Python.
I've been reading your site for a while, but I finally decided to de-lurk just to tell you that I hope you feel better soon. Love the site (found you through Shapely Prose). :)