Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Narfum, Narfus, Narfae, Narfi......


JD (out of nowhere, finishing a conversation in his head): I think it would be quod coitum.
Me: What?
JD: "What the fuck" in Latin.
Me: I wonder if I can get that on a bumper sticker?
JD: Of course I'm assuming "the fuck" acts as a noun in the sentence, hence coitum instead of coitus. I wonder if it maintains gender.
Me: I wonder what some of our friends would say if they knew we were lying around conjugating sex in Latin.
JD: Actually they'd be pretty shocked. Since it's being used as a noun I'm technically 'declining' sex in Latin.

Yeah....he can pun in programming languages too. How delicious is that!? Yeah, W, I can see you shaking your head all the way down here in Kzoo.

And for those who feel inclined (or declined) to jump for Wheelock's looking for the right answer, he's way ahead of you. It's "qui coetus". Or in normal use, "Qui COETUS!?"

And I still want it on a bumper sticker. Or maybe a tee shirt.


CTJen said...

best. conversation. evah.

well, at least recently, anyway.

Tiana said...

Haha, the thought of someone shouting that out loud in a shocked voice ... :D

Alix said...

I want it on an apron!

spoonfork38 said...


Now I'll know exactly what to say in case I fall through a time (and space) portal into ancient Rome.

Now--what's the Latin for "Where's the potty?" and "I'm Athena's handmaiden come to save you all, so don't kill or enslave me!"?