Friday, December 14, 2007

Newsweek calls for "health triumph" essays

Newsweek's website features a special section called "My Turn" where they call for 850-900 word essays from people about their own lives. This week, the topic is health:

Health Triumphs: Tell Us How You Survived a Health Crisis Tell us how you met your greatest health challenge. Did you overcome an illness? Did you finally lose the weight you always wanted to lose? Did you start exercising after years of inactivity? Did you train for a marathon or quit smoking? Did you start eating right and stay with it? What did you learn about your physical and emotional strengths?

What a perfect opportunity for people in Size Acceptance to speak out about their own personal triumph of overcoming social pressure to be a certain size, eat a certain type of food, and otherwise conform to stereotypes of health and beauty! Please consider participating in this great chance to get SA voices out there for people to hear.

Essays can be submitted at:

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