Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This blog is something of a compromise, really. Along with a million other drones, I actually have a Myspace (www.myspace.com/jogeek), on which I occasionally blog. My friends are good people, and we hang out on a regular basis, but I've just recently become a member of a cause. There are two drawbacks to being a member of a cause, from the viewpoint of friends:

1. Since the friends came before the cause, they don't necessarily share any interest in it whatsoever.

2. Despite that disinterest, the standard psychology of it, call it "convert" or "born again" headspace, NRE, etc., makes the new member want to talk about their new cause all the time.

In other words, even I can see that I'm getting rather annoying. It's a true sign of friendship that they've stuck it out this long with only minimal eye rolling and a real willingness to offer support for friendship's sake. Sure, there's some concern that I'm turning into a wide-eyed fanatic who's going to wind up on the evening news for throwing whipped cream at bariatric surgery doctors while carrying big photos of amputated stomachs,

...actually that's a good mental image, let me hold onto that for a moment....

At any rate, being an extensive dilettante, I've created this blog to help me organize my thoughts, experiences, data, and activism on Size Acceptance in a single place, separate from the many other facets of my life. Separate because while Fat is part of who I am, it is not the whole me.

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Moonfyr said...

I have no problem reading any of your blogs on this subject. I know on one i didn't totally agree with your view. but doesnt' mean I dont' understand it and want to read. So I think I will keep reading. I just need to find out how to subscribe to this one.. hum